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My Credo

To me, theatre and film without a lucid, exciting, urgent and passionate vision is like a story without a premise: rudderless and ultimately insignificant.

The kind of work I believe in must educate and enlighten, inspire and motivate, excite and enthrall.

I think we can rekindle dreams lost by our older generation and reshape and reawaken our young adults whose dreams have been obscured or put aside, but who yearn inwardly for inspiration.  We must educate and motivate them so that they, in turn, can help us to teach the young.

Perhaps we will only reach a relative minority but, my God, what a minority it would be: thinkings, feeling, striving and inspired human beings.  The kind of people, both young and old, who could reshape the world.
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What's New?

Please make a tax deductible donation in support of my upcoming film of King Lear.
To purchase a DVD of my film The Eyes of Van Gogh click on the link.
Here is the new trailer for my film The Eyes of Van Gogh.
I am in pre-production for my next feature film: an American production of King Lear.