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Still Life with Booze

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A new one-act comedy written by Alexander Barnett.
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Cast of Characters for Still Life with Booze

Paris - 1887


Paul Gauguin: Intelligent, virile, domineering and sarcastic, a born leader with an outrageous sense of humor.

Toulouse Lautrec: A man of remarkable psychological insight and abundant goodwill toward his devoted friend.  He is understanding, witty, gay, lively and outstandingly original.


Camille Pissarro: Warm, intelligent, emotional and virtually ageless.  Generous to a fault, he has no regard for material things.


George Seurat: Pompous, supercilious, opinionated, hypercritical individual.  The founder of Neo-Impressionism.


Vincent van Gogh: Extremely passionate, vulnerable, high-strung.  Totally uncompromising and completely obsessed with his work.


Paul Signac: A rabid follower of Seurat and, next to him, the most vocal theorist among the Neo-Impressionists.  He is very quick to take offense.


Père Tanguy: An excitable, adulatory man uncomplicated by conventions of any kind or the wish to appear what he is not.  He is simple, good, and satisfied with only the best in art.  He is the owner of an art supply store in which most of the play takes place.


Reporter: A probing, clear-headed fellow rendered hapless by the overwhelming passions of these men.


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