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Barnett film still The Eyes of Van Gogh

Alexander Barnett

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Actor: Film
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King Lear Film
The Eyes of Van Gogh Film
A View from the Bridge
Cold Storage
Death of a Salesman
King Lear
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Notes: Macbeth
No Deposit No Return
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Notes: Othello
The Price
Still Life with Booze
Stranger on the Earth
The Zoo Story
Film Poster-Eyes of Van Gogh
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Robert Barnete Studio: Equine Artist
Biography: Robert Barnete - Equestrian and Arabic Themes
Current Barnete Paintings Offered: Night Polo
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King Lear                            Lear (Lead)                    Van Gogh Productions

I Did Her Wrong                Jonas Cole (Lead)             Magen Entertainment

The Tracer                          The Tracer (Lead)                       District Wolves

The Eyes of Van Gogh  Vincent van Gogh (Lead)   Van Gogh Productions 

The Final Resolution²         David (Lead)               New Century Productions

Winds Way                Joseph (Lead)      Timaeus Productions, dir. Tom Fatone

The Actor and the Agent   The Agent (Principal)   Daniel Klein Productions

Career                                  Myron (Principal)               Sky Limit Productions

No Deposit - No Return³        Mano (Principle)4       Craven Productions       

The Deer and the Cheetah   The Father (Principle)   Pomoto Productions, dir. Mike Civille

Mr. Vincent 5                        Nick (Principal)         Robert Celestino Productions

Color of Love                  Frank (Supporting)    Stepping Stone Productions

Moonshot 6  8         Underground Doctor (Supporting)         Moonshot Movie

Appassionato 7                      Maestro (Supporting)                    Truth Media


1 Winner  Houston International Film Festival;  Official Selection  Santa Fe Film Festival

2 Finalist  Project Greenlight;  Official Selection  Hollywood Film Festival

3 Best Film -  New York International Independent Film and Video Festival

4 Best Actor -  New York International Independent Film and Video Festival

5 Official Selection - Sundance Film Festival;  Winner  Verona Love Screens Film Festival 

6 Finalist Cine Golden Eagle

7 Finalist Miami Urban Film Festival,  Official Selection Los Angeles Cinefest,  Official Selection St. Louis Black Film Festival

8 FinalistRhode Island International Film Festival Official Selection - Rosebud Film Festival

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