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The Eyes of Van Gogh

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Stills from the film  The Eyes of Van Gogh.   For additional shots go  here.   For information about the cast and crew go  here  and  here.  You can also read  about the production,  my director's  notes,  read excerpts from Vincent's  letters.  For more information on the production please visit IMDb. Here is the  trailer
I also discuss the film on my  blog.  And here is an  interview.      
                                                                    vincent pleased Alexander Barnett film Eyes of van Gogh_.jpg

Alexander Barnett : Vincent van Gogh alexander barnett vincent van gogh

Lee Godart: Paul Gauguin Gauguin Barnett Eyes of van gogh

Edwin McDonough: Reverend Rochedieu Film still Eyes of van Gogh Rochedieu

Keith Perry: Theodorus van Gogh Keith Perry The Eyes of Van Gogh

Roy Thinnes: Dr. Peyron thinnes barnett eyes of van gogh

Gordon Joseph Weiss: Theo van Gogh weiss theo van gogh barnett

Van Gogh contemplates his future
Alexander Barnett as vincent film Eyes of van Gogh.jpg
Gauguin taunts Vincent
film Lee Godart Alexander Barnett Gauguin Van Gogh yellowhouse_.jpg
Vincent begins to hallucinate
Alexander Barnett/Vincent hallucination film Eyes of Van Gogh.jpeg
Van Gogh confronts Dr. Peyron
Roy Thinnes peyron Alexander Barnett film eyes of van gogh.jpg
Van Gogh in his room at St. Remy
alexander barnett asylum film eyes of van gogh.jpeg
Vincent begs Kee to marry him
Eyes of van Gogh film still alexander barnett kee vos memory.jpg
Arlesiennes banging on the roof
alexander barnett arles film eyes of van gogh.jpg
Theo is uncomfortable with Vincent's work
Gordon Joseph Weiss an Antwerp memory alexander barnett eyes of van gogh film.jpg
alexander barnett asylum nightmare film eyes of van gogh.jpg
In the Asylum 
alexander barnett still film eyes of van gogh st remy.jpg           Theo and Vincent gordon joseph weiss alexander barnett theo dream eyes of van gogh.jpg