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I DId Her Wrong Film production still Alexander BarnettFrom the film I DId Her Wrong still Alexander BarnettFilm production still I Did Her Wrong Alexander Barnett


Alexander Barnett in The Tracer The Tracer  Tracer film still Alexander Barnett

Still from Glengarry Glen Ross Alexander Barnett Alexander Barnett in Glengarry David Mamet Still Glengarry Glen Ross Alexander BarnettGlen Ross  Shelly Levine
Director Alexander Barnett/Odets/The Big Knife.jpg

Alexander Barnett in Clifford Odet's The Big Knife

Alexander Barnett as Mio in Anderson's Winterset.jpgWinterset

Theatre reviews Alexander Barnett

    One Hundred GatesOne Hundred Gates Alexander Barnett

The Passion of Howard Tripp
Alexander Barnett/The Passion of Howard Tripp.jpg

Alexander Barnett in the play Career.jpgAlexander Barnett in CareerCareer Alexander Barnett

Alexander Barnett in The Actor and the AgentAlexander Barnett in The Actor and the AgentFilm production still Alexander Barnett The Actor and the Agent


Color of LoveColor of Love Alexander Barnett

Alexander Barnett/Jimmy/Look Back in Anger.jpg
Alexander Barnett and Ashley March in Look Back in Anger
Alexander Barnett/Ashley March/Look Back in Anger.jpg
Reviews Classic Theatre International Look Back in Anger The PriceAlexander Barnett/Solomon/Miller.jpg
      Alexander Barnett as Solomon in The Price
Alexander Barnett in the film The Final Resolution Alexander Barnett in  The Final ResolutionFilm Still The Final Resolution Alexander Barnett

                            Winds Way Alexander Barnett Tom Fatone

                                                     Alexander Barnett in Winds Way  Alexander Barnett Tom Fatone Winds Way




Mr. Vincent film still Alexander barnett Alexander Barnett in Mr. VincentMr. Vincent Alexander barnett John Robert Hughes

               Moonshot   Moonshot Alexander Barnett

Appassionata  Appassionata Alexander Barnett